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Bike Wear Assos Trail FF Gloves. Battle fatigue, but let your skin breathe with Assos’ Trail FF Gloves. These breathable mitts offer 3D mesh uppers that elevate moisture management by actively pulling perspiration away from your skin, and letting fresh air in. The palm continues with 3D mesh, aiding in breathability, but bringing in the reinforcement with light, perforated padding, topped with synthetic leather to hold up to rough bars. The perforated padding is strategically placed to targeted areas that get the most abuse from jarring trails, aiding in vibration damping to r…

Assos Trail Ff Gloves Men's
Assos Trail Ff
Gloves Men’s
Assos Rs Aero Ff Gloves Men's
Assos Rs Aero
Ff Gloves Men’s
Assos Assosoires Spring/fall Gloves Men's
Assos Assosoires Spring
Gloves Men’s

Assos Bike Apparel

Bike Wear Assos Winter Gloves. Seasons inevitably change, for better or worse, and as temperatures start to dip while we transition from summer into autumn, we crave a bit more insulation from out cycling gloves, though finding the right balance between our fingerless summer mitts and full blown winter gloves can be a little tough. Assos’ Assosoires Winter Gloves aim to walk the fine line between the two, as the sequel to the Early Winter Gloves that we coveted in years past. These gloves are crafted with a balance between windBlock softshell on the back of hand to cut throu…

Assos Assosoires Winter Gloves Men's
Assos Assosoires Winter
Gloves Men’s
Castelli Dolcissima Gloves Women's
Castelli Dolcissima Gloves
G form Pro Trail Gloves Men's
G form Pro
Trail Gloves Men’s

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Bike Wear Giordana EXO Gloves. We’ve been known to forgo gloves on the hottest summer rides but then we quickly remember the lack of padding against the bar and the protection we lose if we do happen to go down. With that in mind, our criteria are lightweight, barley there padding, a minimal closure, and high breathability. We stopped our search with the EXO Gloves from Giordana as it gives us every one of those features. Giordana constructed the EXO gloves from panels of Lycra and microfiber. The x shape of the panels on the back of the gloves provides maximum flexibility…

Giordana Exo Gloves Men's
Giordana Exo Gloves
Giro Xena Gloves Women's
Giro Xena Gloves
Giro Strada Massa Supergel Gloves Women's
Giro Strada Massa
Supergel Gloves Women’s

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Bike Wear Gore Wear C5 Gore-Tex Infinium Gloves. For training and commuting in chilly weather, the Gore Wear C5 Gore Windstopper Glove is a lightweight accessory that keeps your fingers warm and functional so you can ride at your best. Constructed using an ultra-thin Gore-Tex Infinium Windstopper Membrane, these gloves block frigid winds and light precipitation without adding any bulk, ensuring you have full dexterity for shifting, braking, and maneuvering your bike. And like other Gore-Tex products, the membrane remains breathable, allowing heat and moisture to escape so your hands don’t get…

Gore Wear C5 Gore tex Infinium Gloves
Gore Wear C5
Gore tex Infinium
Gore Wear C3 Gore tex Infinium Stretch Mid Gloves
Gore Wear C3
Gore tex Infinium
Louis Garneau Nimbus Evo Gloves Women's
Louis Garneau Nimbus
Evo Gloves Women’s